Marco Perestrello – CTO

I worked with Joana as her boss in several projects for Portugal and Brazil which implied the use of digital marketing. Joana manages to combine marketing experience with technological aptitude which allowed her to quickly learn and adopt new technologies and deliver projects to marketing in both countries. These projects include marketing content management, affinity sites, marketing campaign management and sites for agency management. Joana took the opportunity with both enthusiasm and dedication and it became clear that you only work like that when you love what you are doing.


Susana Neiva – Corporate Communication & Public Relations at MDS Portugal

Joana is a reliable, diligent and professional co-worker, with who I had the pleasure to work in the last 6 years.
She is resourceful, creative, friendly and a true team player, always willing to help a colleague in need.
She is passionate and dedicated to her work and I would undoubtedly recommend her.